This is the most popular Mac model in the United States

Year after year, Apple remains one of the leading companies in the computer market. Recently, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has unveiled its latest study, in which you can see the current preferences of American consumers regarding Apple's range of Macs.

What do you think is the most popular Mac in the United States? Do you think it will match your favorite Mac? Next we are going to see what the CIRP data shows us in this regard.

The MacBook Pro is crowned king

Contrary to the most popular perception that usually takes for granted that the Macbook Air is the most popular laptop in Apple's Mac range, the CIRP report shows that the MacBook Pro has stolen that title in the US market during the 2023. This laptop represented more than half of total Mac sales, specifically 51%, highlighting a preference for this model over the rest.

Although Apple has promoted the MacBook Air as the best-selling laptop worldwide, CIRP analysis indicates that in the United States, the MacBook Pro surpasses the Air, with a difference of 12% in units sold. This data is interesting and could reflect a change in the priorities of American consumers, who possibly value the advanced features of the Pro about the portability and more affordable price of the Air.

MacBook vs Mac, users prefer portability

The data also points to a growing trend toward portable devices compared to desktop models. In 2023, an overwhelming 90% of US buyers will opt for a MacBook, either Air or Pro, over desktop alternatives like the iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Studio or Mac Pro. The preference for mobility and flexibility becomes evident.

The previous year, 2022, had already shown signs of this trend, with the MacBook Air and Pro constituting about 75% of Apple computer sales, leaving only 25% for desktop models. This evolution toward laptops appears to have accelerated in the last year, further cementing the MacBook's position as Apple's most beloved laptop in the United States.

mac studio 3

What are the preferred sizes?

The CIRP data also shows information about consumer preferences for specific sizes and models within the MacBook Air and Pro ranges. In this case, there is a balance between the variants of 13/15 inches and 14/16 inches, suggesting there is no clear favorite in terms of screen size. This balance could indicate that consumers are considering other features, such as performance and storage capacity, over screen size when making their purchasing decision.

It is important to note that CIRP does not provide information on sample size when collecting data. This means that all this information is, in reality, purely indicative. However, do you think it fits your preferences? Leave us in the comments which is your favorite Apple Mac, we read you!