This is the new cheapest subscription and with Netflix ads

Streaming services are being affected by the evolutionary drift of a generation that wants to get the most at the lowest price. Many of these services such as Apple TV + or Amazon Prime try to capture the maximum number of users by offering the greatest possible content in an ecosystem that is very easy to control and at the lowest price, of course. In fact, the platforms start exploring ad integration on their platforms. In the case of Netflix The Basic plan with ads has been presented, a plan for which only 5.49 euros we can enjoy Netflix content but with ads before and during playback.

5.49 euros for a Netflix subscription with integrated ads

6 months ago, the Netflix board announced the exploration of new ways of monetizing its content to lower the cost of any subscription. Finally, and almost surprisingly, we have with us the ‘Basic with ads’ plan on Netflix. Through a press release, Greg Peters, COO and Chief Product Officer of Netflix, has reflected on the arrival of this new Plan as well as given the main keys to understanding what we can and cannot have.

Netflix subscription external to iOS

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This new plan will arrive on November 3 to some countries such as the United States Y on November 10 to Spain from 5:00 p.m. specifically. The arrival of the plan will be gradual from November 3 to all the countries where it will finally arrive, which are the following: Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

There are many aspects of the interface and how Netflix works that do not change with the new Basic plan with ads. We will have at our disposal change and cancellation at any time, a large number of series and movies, compatibility with dozens of televisions and devices, in other aspects. However, being an ad-based model, there are things that will not arrive and others that will arrive differently:

  • playback quality it will go up to 720p (HD). In fact, they have taken advantage of the press release to also modify the quality of the Basic plan, which will only reach 720p. A good trick.
  • An average of 4-5 minutes of ads per hour
  • Some movies or series will not be available due to licensing issues.
  • Unable to download content

As mentioned in the press release, at the launch ads will be 20 seconds long and will be seen before and during playback. Advertisers who want to participate in this model will have to segment their ads by various categories to try to offer the user quality content within the ads themselves. Finally, Netflix has signed agreements with Microsoft, DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science to try to monetize and validate traffic to ads starting in the first quarter of 2023.

As we have already mentioned, Basic with ads will cost 5.49 euros and will be available for purchase on the official Netflix website or within the app from November 10 at 5:00 p.m.