This week was beta week and so it has been. A few days ago, Apple launched beta 3 of iOS 18 and we tell you all the details in a video published just a few hours after the launch. One of the main new features of this new beta is the increase in the number of application icons compatible with the new dark mode of iOS 18 as well as a change in the flashlight animation. Another new feature that has not been overlooked is a new dynamic wallpaper that changes color throughout the day, similar to the one we have in macOS that changes depending on the time.

Apple adds dynamic wallpaper in iOS 18

As we saw in the first beta for iOS 18 developers, Apple has made available to users four new wallpapers, As every time a new operating system is launched, Apple has wanted to go a step further and launch a fifth fund, which it has called 'Dynamic'. And the word itself says it, it is a wallpaper whose colors vary throughout the day.

iOS 18 Beta 3

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The various changes that occur include the new colors introduced in iOS 18: yellow, pink, purple and azure, as well as variations and combinations between them. The developers They have not yet found the dynamics that allow the change of design and colors. between one and the other since in the case of the dynamic wallpaper in macOS what transitions the design is the time of day.

So, as Luis told you the other day in his article, if you are undecided or you like all the colors available in iOS 18, you can opt for this new dynamic wallpaper to change your background throughout the day.