This is the new function that you can use on your iPhone

From Cupertino they do not stop when it comes to launching new versions of iOS, and it is that yesterday they released the beta 2 of iOS 16.2. They also did it by including different new features and solving one of the most annoying problems that users were reporting. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.


As usual in recent months, Tuesday is always the day chosen by Apple to launch the new versions of its operating systems, whether they are the official ones or, as in this case, the new betas of the different operating systems. among which we highlight iOS 16.2.

In addition, far from being a transition version and that only arrives to improve the performance and stability of the devices, those from Cupertino have included different new features that are sure to be liked by the vast majority of users. However, it also solves one of the problems that iOS has been dragging for the last few weeks. Below we tell you all the news.

  • The more visual novelty is without a doubt the possibility of including, as of iOS 16.2, a medication widget. We remember that this “medications” section was one of the novelties that Apple introduced in iOS 16 so that those people who have to take medication on a daily basis can register it and thus the iPhone will warn them when they have to take it, in addition to other functions . Well, from now on its corresponding widget will also be available for those users who want to use it.

  • The error correction in these versions it is something very common, and obviously with this beta 2 it was not going to be less. Apple has been able to correct the annoying error that some users were suffering from. they were not allowed to leave the chamber from the lock screen using the traditional swipe gesture. From now on this gesture is available again.
  • Another of the great novelties is that iOS 16.2 already adds the support for 5G connectivity in Indiaobviously only for those selected operators among which are Airtel and Jio.
  • Apart from these functional novelties, this beta 2 of iOS 16.2 also arrives for improve system stabilitymaking the experience that all users will have with their respective devices better than with previous versions.

When will iOS 16.2 come out?

This is the question that many users ask themselves, and the reality is that the official release of iOS 16.2 is still a long way off. In fact, the rate of betas is being lower than, for example, iOS 16.1, so you will have to be patient, since there are still a good number of test versions before the official version is released.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen

Also, if due to the delay in the release of the final version you get the bug to install this beta 2, our recommendation is that if you do it it be on a device that do not use as mainthat is, on an iPhone that does not have a primary function in your day-to-day life, since after all we are talking about a beta version, that is, a trial version, which although it initially works very well, can lead to unexpected failures at any time.