Game Mode iOS 18

Two days have passed since WWDC and we continue analyzing all the news presented by Apple for all its operating systems. In this case it's up to iOS and a novelty that perhaps, for many, went unnoticed but that will change the way we play with our iPhones and, above all, what we play. This is the new Game Mode (or Game Mode) that Apple will introduce in iOS 18 with the aim of optimizing our vice sessions.

With the arrival of iOS 18, our iPhones will have the ability to, completely automatically, enter a special state, in this Game Mode when you are having an intense gaming session. This mode will cause the following to happen on our iPhone:

  1. Background activity will be reduced on our iPhone to maintain the frame rate required by the game even after several hours of play. A key point to keep in mind if we want to use any other functionality in the background that is important to us.
  2. Apple has achieved reduce latency when using a third-party Bluetooth controller. For example, now the latency with the Play controller will be lower, which translates into a much smoother gaming experience.
  3. Playing with AirPods on is now better. In the same way as with the Bluetooth controller, AirPods will reduce latency in soundbeing even more precise with what happens on the screen.

As I said, We will not have a toggle to activate or deactivate this functionality. The iPhone itself will be able to identify when it requires activation and do it itself.

This is prepared for the arrival of (more) AAA games. You probably won't notice these changes or they'll even activate if you're playing titles like Candy Crush or Clash Royale. It is a mode that we will notice in titles like Resident Evil Village or the newly announced Assassin's Creed Shadows which will soon arrive on iOS as Ubisoft was able to present at WWDC itself.