This is the new ‘Low Power Mode’ coming to watchOS 9

The rumors were not misguided for the event on September 7 and Apple presented a new battery saving mode for the Apple Watch. This mode, quite similar to iOS Power Saving, has the name of Low Power Mode and aims to increase battery life in situations where we need to have the clock on longer. This new mode It will arrive with watchOS 9 and will require an Apple Watch Series 4 or later.

Low Power Mode in watchOS 9: Apple Watch Series 4 and up

On many occasions we have talked about the Apple Watch battery and the existence of a power reserve mode, a mode that automatically activates when the watch runs out of battery. When this mode is activated, we can only access the time very briefly. Nevertheless, we lose control over the activity of the clock and we cannot make use of it.

That is why from Cupertino they considered creating a new Low Power Mode for watchOS 9, identical to iOS 16 battery saving mode:

Enjoy 18 hours of autonomy and up to 36 hours with the new Low Power Mode. You’ll appreciate it when you spend a lot of time away from the charger, such as on a transoceanic flight.

When Low Power Mode is turned on in watchOS 9, Apple Watch limits some features like always-on screen, automatic detection of training starts, notifications of changes in heart rate and mobile data connection, among other.

This allows the Apple Watch to save or preserve energy for other more basic functions and the autonomy of the watch to increase. As Apple commented, it reaches 36 hours on the Apple Watch Series 8.

Let’s remember that this Low Power Mode comes to watchOS 9 for those users with Apple Watch Series 4 or later. At first it was believed that it was going to be an exclusive feature of the Series 8 and the Ultra model. However, it has been seen that Apple wants to bring the improvement in autonomy to older watches.