This is the new thing you can have on your Apple computer

Yesterday Apple released the new versions of the different operating systems that it currently has for all its devices, that is, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and, of course, macOS. Therefore, in this post we want to tell you everything you need to know about the new update dedicated to Apple computers.

What’s new in macOS Ventura 13.2

As usual, macOS is an operating system to which Apple does not usually add many new features in any of its updates, in fact, those from Cupertino have been quite continuous and conservative for many years when it comes to making radical changes to a operating system that, in general, is capable of satisfying the demands of the vast majority of users, but hey, we will talk about it a few lines below in this post. The first thing we want to do is tell you what is new that Apple has included in this second update of macOS Ventura.

  • The great novelty that macOS 13.2 has is the same that both iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3 and watchOS 9.3 have, which are the physical security keys. It is a leap forward that Apple has taken at the level of security for all users, since from now on, users will be able to choose a physical device as a key element for two-factor authentication. Until now, whenever you wanted to sign in for the first time to a device or service with your Apple ID, two-factor authentication sent a code to the rest of your computers, well, now that code will only reach the physical device that you choose, so that privacy and security are greatly increased.

  • This new version is also capable of solving an existing problem with the great novelty of the previous version, which is FreeFormin which some drawing strokes that users created using Apple Pencil or their finger did not appear on boards shared with other users.
  • Fixes an existing issue with VoiceOverwhich could stop providing audio feedback while the user was typing.

What about macOS?

As you have seen with the new features included in macOS Ventura 13.2, Apple does not usually introduce a large number of functions in versions of macOS, but rather corrections. And it is that, if you compare version after version, update after update, what Apple does with iOS or iPadOS and what it does in parallel with macOS, it has nothing to do, and beware, that It does not mean that Apple is doing it wrong or do not pay attention to the operating system of your computers, on the contrary, simply the use that is made habitually of these equipment is oriented in a different way.

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Apple computers, in most cases are intended for work, therefore, from Cupertino what they prioritize at all times is that the users of their Macs have an operating system that gives them that stability they need to work comfortably. That is why new features in macOS come slowly, because Apple does not want and cannot allow users who are working with a Mac to suffer the consequences of introducing many new visual or functional features, as sometimes happens with iOS or iPadOS.