This is the new thing you will have on your iPhone with iOS 17

One of the great attractions that there is always within the world of Apple is to know what will be the novelties that the next operating systems will have and taking into account that the month of June is getting closer, there are many rumors that begin to surface about iOS 17, the new operating system that iPhones will have starting in September. Keep reading that we tell you the latest that is known about it.

Until not long ago, all the rumors that talked about iOS 17 were not very encouraging As far as news for users is concerned, everything indicated that it would be one of the most conservative versions and with the fewest changes in history due to multiple factors. The opening of the system to other application stores and the development of the operating system dedicated to mixed reality glasses seemed to mean that Apple’s efforts in iOS 17 were not going to be very great and that from Cupertino they were going to focus on considerably improving the stability and performance of the system, taking into account that iOS 16 has not shone in that regard.

However, a few weeks ago, a leak set off all the alarms and restore hope to users who were still hoping that iOS 17 would bring considerable changes inside, and it seems that the rumor that this version is going to be conservative can be left behind, since apparently, yes, Apple It has in mind to introduce important changes that it would already be developing so that on June 5, those users who are developers or are within the beta system can test them.

The control center, renewed again

The reality is that still Not many details have been known about what will be the news that iOS 17 is going to bring to the users, and it is that in this sense it is much more complicated for there to be leaks, since there are much fewer people who have access to the software and, therefore, the possibility of information being leaked is much less.


However, The first big news that is talked about is the control center, which seems that it could be renewed by Apple in some way, to offer users more comforts and more access so that the usefulness of this functionality increases. However, we once again emphasize that no other details are known other than said information, so we will have to continue awaiting the few leaks that are carried out from Cupertino and that thus allow us to know some details of what is you will see finally June 5which is the date chosen by Apple to celebrate its long-awaited WWDC, an event that, also on this occasion, promises to be something historic, since everything indicates that Apple’s mixed reality glasses will be presented on this date, obviously also along with all the operating systems that will later carry the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.