Apple Music and Spotify are two of the most used streaming music services at the moment. The green giant, Spotify, has the hegemony after its long history throughout the world. But they have a pending duty: the arrival of high fidelity sound (Hi-Fi) that has not yet arrived after a long time promising it. It will arrive, late but it will arrive, and it will be able to compare in this sense to Apple Music with its audio without loss. However, until that time comes Spotify has announced the update of its application at all levels, including a renewal of the design of the app for the Apple Watch. A fresher design with new animations and visualizations that will make the user experience much better.

New design for the Spotify app for Apple Watch

Spotify has announced a large number of news through a press release published on its website. One of them is the integration of the service on some flights with the Delta company or the arrival of playback control to Ray-Ban stories glasses. They have also launched the compatibility of Spotify Connect to Fire TV Omni QLED Series TV, thus achieving support in more than 2000 devices on the market.

However, what matters most to us as Apple users is Spotify app update for Apple Watch. Remember that some apps may offer specific apps for the Big Apple watch simply by installing the same app on the iPhone. But in order to install the app, a series of touches is necessary directly from the watch. This Spotify app allows you to control playback from our watch even when we are in offline mode.

Community on Spotify for iOS

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The activity of our friends will come to Spotify through “Community”

This new design integrates a new way of browsing and choosing music in our Library. A series of gestures is also added to perform specific actions such as swiping to mark a song as ‘Like’. The new design It shows larger illustrations, with new animations and elements that mark and define characteristics such as the blue icon that indicates the newness of a podcast chapter, for example.

Make sure you have the latest version of Spotify installed on your iPhone and Apple Watch to be able to enjoy this new experience that is gradually reaching users.

Spotify - Music & Podcasts (AppStore Link)