This is the price that Apple's AI could have

Until the presentation of the new software at WWDC in 2024 or until September with the launch of the iPhone 16, we will not know with certainty the real price of this service. However, if you look at Apple's way of working, it is possible that it will be applied through two main roads with different branches.

One year free subscription to the iPhone 16 and iPhone 15

It is the most likely option of all. Because? Surely this new AI needs millions of users who test it with the aim of being able to find errors and bugs that allow us to optimize and improve performance in future updates. Therefore, offering a free one-year version, as was already done with Elon Musk's system, in case of accidents could be a good option to get a lot testers at low cost and, above all, find a target of users who, after the year, pay for the product.

Of all the compatible devices, surely the iPhone 15 Pro and the 16 series will be able to access this technology. The reason is very simple: this new information processing engine will need a very powerful chipa Silicon that can only be carried by A17 and A18 Pro.

The rest of the users will enjoy a new, very powerful iOS 18 with great new features, but without one of the star functions of this generation, as has been the case in the last two years.

A paid subscription

Apple artificial intelligence

Apple is not a company that is characterized by “giving away anything.” In fact, it is a company that is characterized by just the opposite, that is, giving users the minimum of the minimum so they have to invest more money. Do you want an example? The MacBook Pro with the Silicon M3 Pro, which costs 3,000 euros and comes with 512 GB of SSD memory.

Due to this situation, it is possible that the Californian company launches two subscription plans for most devices updating to iOS 18.

On the one hand, we refer to a free trial version with limited functions that serve as a test so that Apple has a lot of data with which to optimize its new computational algorithms. On the other hand, a paid version for the most powerful processors, such as the iPhone 14 onwards. What could be its price?

If we start from the premise that ChatGPT 4.0 has a price of 20 euros per month, 240 euros per year, the company led by Tim Cook is going to take that price as a starting point, and it could range between 14.99 euros (Apple price Music today) and 29.99 euros.


We are all aware that this price will be too high for the general public, tired of paying for so many increasingly less economical subscriptions. As a result of this situation, a third way would open: Apple One.

If Apple adds its AI to its most expensive plan, that is, to the family plan, within the One options, it could ensure that a large group of users can access its AI, which is what the company is looking for, but also ensure that other users go from more basic plan to a more expensive family planbut with a function that will undoubtedly be revolutionary.