This is the problem you have

I have been and am a user of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, however, I have been using the iPhone 14 in my day-to-day life for a week, and although the experience it is offering me is still very good, there is one point that, of course, makes that loses a lot with respect to the older brother of the iPhone. In this post I tell you what the problem of this device is and the possible solutions to it.

The iPhone Pro Max has been my device since the iPhone 11 Pro Max came outthe reason?, Battery that this model has is a true marvel. However, as with everything, it also has negative points, and the main one in this case is the size of the equipment, hence my desire to try a 6.1-inch iPhone, the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 battery is not enough

As you can foresee, the change to the iPhone 14 It has given me a lot of comfort when using it on a day-to-day basis, its 6.1-inch screen makes it perfect to use at any time and in any situation, even with one hand. However, this reduction in size leads to an irremediable reduction in the equipment’s battery, and consequently, in autonomy.

Coming from the iPhone 14 Pro Max I knew that this was going to be a point that I was going to notice against, however, I did not know to what extent it could affect my day to dayand the reality is that being a user who makes intense use of the equipment, it has caused me to have to go through the charger at least once every day before arriving at night, which is when I usually charge the device. that carefree spot that I have always had since I bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max and that has been maintained with the rest of the devices has vanished, and with the iPhone 14 I have to keep an eye on the device’s battery again during the day.

Solutions to iPhone 14 battery problems

You always have to find solutions to problems., and that is just what I have done with this device. Although it is true that I spend most of the day at home because of the work I do, I don’t like having to depend on a plug to charge the equipment, since on weekends, for example, I do tend to go out and spending the whole day away from home, so I had to find a more practical solution.

iPhone 14 cameras

It is there when I have found my best ally, or rather ally, MagSafe batteries. Having a battery of this type is undoubtedly the best decision that any user of an iPhone 14 or 14 Pro can make, since they will give you that extra battery that you will surely need on those days when you do not have access to a plug to charge your iPhone. Also, although it is not recommended to use the iPhone while charging, if you need it, it is not at all uncomfortable to do it with the battery placed on the back of the device.