This is the reason why the Apple apple is bitten

Now, why? What is the reason why the company created this logo that has been with us for more than 40 years? Why is the apple not in a normal state, who was the one who took that bite?

Why is Apple's apple bitten?

First of all, the Apple logo presented in 1976 It was Isaac Newton sitting under a tree and on top of it, an apple about to fall, with a phrase on the bottom: “Newton… a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought… alone.” Which would be something like this: Newton… a mind always traveling through the strange seas of thought… alone.

This logo was too complex to explain what they wanted, and it was then that they opted for something more minimalist and recognizable by everyone. At that time the apple was designed, as we know it now, although it had different versions, being the first bitten apple of 1977.

This first model was very striking, with 6 different colors, which, according to Steve Jobs, meant nothing, except green, which was placed on top because it was where the blade was located.

Now, what about the bite? What was the reason for it? Well the reason is very simple. Both Steve Job and Rob Janoff, his designer, did not want it to be confused, because, at first, and without the bite, in reduced size, This apple could be confused with a tomato or a cherry, due to their similarity. Hence they looked for a way to give this fruit more realism. Something they got with the bite.

We've all seen a bitten apple, and I'm sure you've eaten one yourself at some point. So did they, and that's why it was launched with that final design. Thus preventing you from thinking about anything else.

Many theories say that this fruit was chosen in honor of Alan Turing, who liked it very much, however, it has already been discarded on many occasions, although never denied by Steve Jobs, who he considered a reference.

Whole Apple Apple

Be that as it may, the apple is still here, it is one of the simplest logos that exist, and yet everyone recognizes it. Can you imagine the logo without the bite? Would it be as popular? We will never know, what is clear is that the theory worked, and it does not seem that the company will ever change it, although who knows.

And you, did you know Apple's reason for putting the bite in the apple? It's very simple, but effective. The truth is that I had never thought about it, although it makes sense. Now every time you see the logo you will imagine it without the bite, as if it were a tomato or a cherry. At least it happens to me. Leave us a comment if you too.