This is the revolutionary product that Apple is preparing for 2024

Rumors about possible new Apple products do not stop coming to light, and although the vast majority of them are focused exclusively on one product, the iPhone 15, there is also a time and place for the rest of the equipment that Apple sells in its stores. stores. Well, in this case it is the turn of the iPad mini and another iPad, which will leave all users speechless.

Apple’s foldable is closer, and it’s an iPad mini

The world of technology has been waiting for the Apple foldable for years, since the first manufacturers joined the bandwagon of this trend and this technology, many expected that Apple would do it too, but in its own way. Well, that is just what seems to be happening and that it will take place in the year 2024.

The famous and reputed Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuohas spoken about the plans of the Cupertino company in this sense, and it is that everything seems to indicate that Apple’s first foldable will not be an iPhone, but it will be an iPad mini. The first thing that Kuo wanted to make clear is that this product is not going to come to unseat the current iPad mini, but rather it will be another model which will be available within the entire range of Apple iPad. But beware, it has not only stopped there, but has also given more clues about this new product, since it seems that it will be made of carbon fiber, which would provide more strength and lightness to this hypothetical folding iPad.

The future of the iPad in 2023 is sad

Kuo has not only ruled on this new product that seems to be released next year, but has also done so on what, in theory, is going to be seen, or rather, It will not be seen in this 2023 in relation to the iPad. According to the analyst, Apple’s plans are not very hopeful in 2023, since he predicts that those of Cupertino are not going to renew any of their models. In fact, the renewal of the iPad mini that was theoretically scheduled for this year will not happen either and will be present in 2024.

Yes indeed, leaves the door open to a possible renewal of the iPad Pro, so then yes that Apple would have something to say with the iPad. The renewal of this team is also something that has been talked about in recent weeks, and the reality is that the rumors do not leave anything clear about whether the expected redesign will finally come in a renewal this year or, again, Apple will leave this trick by 2024.

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What is clear, and it is something that we always want to emphasize from La Manzana Mordida, is that all this is nothing more than rumors, and as such they must be treated. On some occasions they are true, but on many others in the end they come to nothing, so we will have to remain attentive to see how the situation of the iPad evolves in this 2023 and of the hypothetical folding for 2024.