Mark grunt reveals how the Appel engineers who are developing the company’s secret project work: the no-prick glucose meter for Apple Watch.

Within a technology company like Apple, there are different groups that work on projects of all kinds: updates to current products, new products that are going to be launched soon, and top-secret projects that may never see the light of day or may be the bombing of the company future. Gurman has revealed to us in his weekly newsletter how the latter work, small groups that function independently from the rest of the company and that they may have in their hands projects as important as the much-rumored non-invasive glucose sensor for the Apple Watch in a few years.

A group made up of a few hundred employees and called the “Exploratory Design Group” (XDG), and which is different in its operation from the “Special Design Groups”larger and working on projects such as the Apple Car, or the «Technology Development Groups» made up of thousands of workers and who work on the virtual reality glasses that we will supposedly see this summer.

The small XDGs are working groups that function as small startups endowed with all kinds of resources to develop ideas of all kinds, but always new ones, some of which will go ahead while others will end up being rejected. Some of these XDRs work on new, more efficient and long-lasting battery designs, or low-power processors, and of course, on the aforementioned glucose meter. These groups are independent of the others, they are like a “mini Apple” in which their members work in projects so secret that they cannot be discussed with anyone outside of that working group. There are people who belong to various XDGs, but they must keep all their projects secret.