This is the secret to filling your Mac with stickers without damaging the cover

Do you know the “sticker boom” phenomenon? This way of customizing our Mac has become very popular lately. If you want to know how to personalize your Mac with stickers without damaging the device's cover, below we are going to give you some tips to achieve your goal.

One of the best solutions is to use a transparent cover to stick your stickers or decals instead of directly on your MacBook. This way, you can enjoy customization without worrying about damaging the device's cover.

What is the “sticker boom” trend and what drawbacks does it have?

The “sticker boom” refers to the trend of sticking many stickers on the cover of your MacBook, covering the entire cover (except the Apple logo in some cases) with the aim of expressing your personality, interests or even promoting certain brands. While it can be a creative way to personalize your Mac, it also has its drawbacks. Here are some common problems that sticker lovers may face:

  • Mac cover damage: Sticking stickers directly on your MacBook can damage the cover, leaving adhesive residue that is difficult to remove without special cleaning products. In the future, this could reduce the Mac's resale value.
  • Change of tastes: Your interests and preferences may change over time. What you like today, you may no longer like in a few months or years. Removing stickers can be a complicated process and, in some cases, impossible without damaging the cover.

The solution: use a transparent cover

From personal experience, I have found that the best way to enjoy stickers on your Mac without worry is to use a transparent cover for your MacBook. This solution offers several advantages:

  • Protection: The transparent cover protects your MacBook from scratches and bumps. This way your device can be kept in excellent condition, which is especially important if you plan to sell it or exchange it in Apple's trade-in program in the future.
  • Customization without obligation: You can stick all the stickers you want on the transparent cover without fear of damaging the MacBook.
  • Easy to change: If you ever decide you want a cleaner, sticker-free MacBook, all you have to do is remove the clear cover. It won't leave any sticky residue on your device, and your MacBook will be like new again.

stickers on Mac cover sticker boom

Tips to personalize your MacBook with a transparent cover

To personalize your MacBook Pro with stickers without damaging the cover, you will need to purchase a quality transparent cover that fits the size of your MacBook. Afterwards, we advise you to carefully clean your MacBook to remove dust and fingerprints. Once you are sure that your Mac is clean, place the transparent cover and you can start applying your stickers.

We hope that these tips will help you personalize your MacBook with stickers while ensuring that you do not damage the device's cover in any case. Will you personalize your MacBook cover or will you prefer to leave it as is?