This is the trick Apple uses to make you pay more

No key accessories

Apple sells accessories between its devices and offers only the product. The problem with this is that without these accessories the device you purchase does not fulfill the necessary functions for which you purchased the product. Therefore, it is almost mandatory to purchase these accessories to enjoy a good experience.

A clear example of them is found in the iPad, where if you want to turn the iPad into a substitute for a computer you have to buy the Apple Pencil or the Smart Keyboard. These accessories are essential for handling the iPad and Apple does not offer it as standard with the purchase of the product, so you have to add between 200-300 euros to the total price of the device. All iPhones come without a charger and, therefore, the user has to purchase a separate charger if they want to be able to charge the device with an official charger and not with the classic 5w charger that Apple has been incorporating into its iPhones from its phones for a long time. more than ten generations.

device specifications

When you purchase an Apple device, with the exception of the Mac Pro, you can’t make changes to the specifications of the device once you’ve purchased it. That means that at the time of purchase you have to be clear about what SSD memory you need, RAM and processor to acquire for the next 3-4 years at least. Apple under this prism seeks that the user is safe and acquires better internal specifications on a mandatory basis in order to have a functional team for the next few years and make a larger outlay.

Insufficient specifications in its base price

The MacBook Air M2 starts from 256 GB SSD, the iPad Air from 64 GB and the iPhone 128 GB of storage. Any user who wants to perform tasks with his team on a daily basis is going to have to look for a higher specification, that is, add a price increase of 230 euros onwards to be able to have a device that adapts to it. Apple knows that 64 GB of storage in the iPad Air is too little, so the other option is to buy 256 and its price increase.

The same situation is obtained with Macs, which start with 8 GB of RAM and that, even for semi-professional processes, can be quite short. Therefore, it would be advisable to go up to 16 GB of RAM and if you think that 8 GB of RAM is enough, you can go up to 512 SSD memory.

MacBook Air M2 Side

Why does Apple do that?

Apple is aware that if it offers lower specifications and people increase them, the profit margins are higher. Along with this, a new source of income is added by Apple: on the one hand, iCloud services allow users to store information in the cloud. Therefore, if you purchase such services, Apple earns a monthly income from its users, increasing its profits. On the other hand, there are more and more complete processes such as render farms or applications that work on-lineso it is not necessary to have better hardware, but rather a good internet connection to be able to work with these applications.

Apple knows this and that is why it offers its products, incredible products, butin a reduced way so that the user looks for the ideal device, to obtain more income or for both purposes?