This is very good, very pretty, and now also cheaper on Amazon

If what you are looking for is an iPhone full of the best and quality technology, a phone that will last you many years, and that can also cost you less than 700 euros, in this post we are going to show you the models that Right now they are available for less money.

How much does the discounted iPhone 13 cost now?

The iPhone 13 is an older phone, but it is not discontinued in the official Apple store. Despite this, Apple has lowered its official price, both through its official website and through its authorized distributors.

In the case of Amazon, the iPhone 13 with 128GB memory is priced at 769 euros. However, thanks to the discount it currently has, It is priced at 699 euros. 70 euros direct discount! Now, what are the colors that are at this price? Well, we are happy to say that all of them.

Why buy an iPhone 13 now?

The iPhone 15 has come out, so you’re probably wondering why an iPhone 13 is at this point in the movie. The truth is that it is one of the most reliable phones that those from Cupertino have made. So much so that the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have the same A15 Bionic processor. So if you want to have the same power as the same model from last year, but paying less, the iPhone 13 has this aspect more than covered.

If we want an iPhone that will last us as many years as possible, this phone is compatible with the new version of iOS 17, in addition to many of the functions that Apple has relegated to more recent models, such as the creation of an artificial voice . So not only will you have a new system, but it will not be a “decaffeinated iOS”, as can happen (and does happen) on older equipment.


Its battery does not disappoint, and we are going to have up to 19 hours of use (taking into account video playback), as well as we have a very robust and solid construction, which is also waterproof thanks to the IP68 certification.

Do you want to connect to the internet ultra-fast? Don’t worry, because this iPhone 13 is compatible with 5G networks. This, along with the other features: Dual SIM compatibility through virtual SIM, wireless charging compatibility and MagSafe magnetic grip support on the back.

So, if you are looking for the best combination of hardware, software, power, possibilities of use and price, now is the best time to get one of these.