This is watchOS 11 and what Apple has presented at WWDC

Apple presents WatchOS 11, a small facelift to WatchOS 10 with some interesting new features that will improve the way we interact with our Apple Watch.

Apple, as we already know, focuses the Apple Watch on the world of health and that is why it has started with new ways to stay active. TONow we have the Training Load functionality, to measure the intensity of our workouts Thanks to the calculations of distance, speed, heart rate and in addition to our personal data such as age or weight and height, we will be able to indicate at the end of the training how we felt to help calculate this training load. This way we can make better decisions when training.

The Activity app within our iPhone includes new metrics and trends but The biggest news is that we can FINALLY pause the circles in case we have suffered an injury or are simply on vacation without it stopping our streaks. Finally, Apple, Finally.

Continuing only with WatchOS 11, Apple launches a new app called Vitalswe can understand more about our health data, identify what has been happening in our body and understand how external elements, such as alcohol, can act on our health.

Apple presents new ways to be connected with the rest of the world thanks to the new features of Siri in WatchOS, being able to ask it for new tasks such as asking to create a reminder. Now, furthermore, we will have new widgets available for when we slide the wheel. Thus, developers will also be able to display Live Activities here.

We come to the customization of the spheres, which always catches our attention. Now thanks to Machine Learning techniques, the portrait sphere creates the best capture from our photos to adapt it to the screen of our Apple Watch. We are left, for the moment, without new spheres presented. We'll see in the betas.

This is WatchOS 11. This is WWDC.