This is what Leo Messi’s gold iPhone costs

For all the fans of the king of sports, surely one of the events that have taken place in recent months and that happens every 4 years has not escaped them: the Soccer World Cup. In it, the Argentine team, led by Lionel Messi, won a completely historic title, and to celebrate it they wanted to “give” a gold iPhone. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Winning a soccer world cup is not usual, and certainly a milestone of these characteristics deserves a celebration to match. The Argentine players already had the celebration, obviously accompanied by all the citizens, they took to the streets to celebrate a historic moment for the country and for them, of course. However, the Argentine players, led by the world star Leo Messi have wanted to go a step further, and that is that despite the fact that many have already immortalized the moment on their skin in the form of tattoos, they have wanted to commemorate the title with a special object, a gold iPhone.

It is not very clear who has been in charge of assuming the expenses of these devices, since some sources indicate that it was Messi himself who has put a huge amount of money out of his pockets, while others point out that it was the company itself that gave away the 35 Golden iPhones to the members of the Argentine team. What is clear is that it is a really special and unique iPhone model. Specifically, it is about iPhone 14 Pro, which has received this gold casing on which different motifs have been screen-printed. To begin with, each player has his name and his number, of course, accompanied by the shield of the Argentine team and the logo of the company itself.

How much does Messi’s Gold iPhone cost?

This is the question that many people ask themselves. What is the economic value of these devices?well then, each iPhone costs 3000 eurosalthough many media suggest that the total amount amounts to 210,000 euros. Be it one way or another, the truth is that it is something that not everyone can afford, although yes, it is a truly original gift to celebrate a milestone such as the world championship.

After this, perhaps many have the doubt as to whether it is really good to have a gold iPhone, well, the reality is that on a functional level it is obviously exactly the same as the iPhone 14 Pro that everyone can buy in the Apple Store. Now, on an aesthetic level it is obvious that it changes considerably. Of course, you have to take into account that it is not a gold-plated iPhone, but a gold casing has been attached to it. It is not a usual case or casing, but it must be made clear that the iPhone has not been bathed in gold, since this process would seriously endanger the integrity of the device itself and, with total security, would render it completely useless. Now, will the Argentine players use these iPhones in their day to day?