This is what the camera of the next iPhone 16 would look like

The iPhone 16, although we have not yet seen them presented in society, give a lot to talk about within the sphere of rumors. Today it is the turn of the external design of the device. More specifically, it is the outer camera section that takes center stage. And as for the specific model, it is the base model of the iPhone 16. It is not the first time that we have told you things about the cameras. However, we now know new details.

It was the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors who reported the details. «We have indicated three prototype designs in the month of December, but now Apple has refocused on a singleor,” they explain. The evolution of iPhone cameras has undergone changes since the iPhone 11, in terms of the arrangement of the lenses.

The base models, with two optics, have had several distributions: one on top of the other in the iPhone 11 and 12, while in the 13, 14 and 15, these have remained diagonally shaped. Now it seems that Apple has focused on a design that draws on the first layout. And not only that, but it can also remind us of what we saw in the past on the iPhone X, XS and XS Max.

A vertical arrangement in pill format

One of the big changes when it came to placing the rear camera system that Apple made was seen in the iPhone X. For the first time, we had a dual camera system in which the lenses were vertical. Furthermore, they were united under the same glass, and the flash was in the middle of both lenses. With the arrival of the iPhone 11, this tablet was replaced by a square island.

Now, regarding the base model iPhone 16, MacRumors explains that the prototype on which Apple has now focused It takes this iPhone X tablet as a reference, but the lenses are seen separately. As for the flash system, we have the LED on the right side of the two optics. But, however, where does all this come from?

A well-known leaker has shown sketches

The X user, Majin Bu, is already a well-known leaker of Apple information. In the case of the iPhone 16, he shows in a post sketches of what the device's measurements will be like. As well as, different perspectives of what the phone is going to look like. And, of course, an element that has not gone unnoticed has been the two exterior camera modules.

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«The base model is going to look very similar to the schematics I have, but not exactly the same way«he explains in his post. «It will be a combination of the designs of the iPhone X and iPhone 11, but with a few variations. Space video will probably be added, but I don't think we should worry too much about the base model,” he explains. Regarding the front of the device, it can be seen that, once again, we are going to have the Dynamic Island system.