This is what the new iPhone 15 Pro looks like

The iPhone 15 Pro Max brings highly anticipated news

Still in a continuous design line, this mockup of the iPhone 15 Pro Max promises changes that, if fulfilled, will be a real “before and after” on the iPhone. And yes, this model incorporates a USB type C portwith which we are going to say goodbye to the Lightning connector, after more than ten years with us.

The square design that we have already seen in the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 is maintained, but with somewhat more subtle changes. To begin with, the dynamic island that was already presented in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max is maintained. Nevertheless, we say goodbye to the mechanical mute buttonsince this is going to be a touch button, and the two volume buttons, now become one.

In the same way that the side buttons have gone through makeup, the truth is that the edges of the screen are going to be even thinner. And if we already had an iPhone “all screen”, this will be with “even more screen”. The bezels of the iPhone 14 Pro are 2.17mm. Nevertheless, the bezels of this iPhone would become 1.81 mm.

Why does this replica exist?

This mockup of the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been created from information that Apple itself has provided. But it has not given it to the great general public, but rather It has offered it to manufacturers of cases, covers and accessories to start producing. These companies and manufacturers have data and diagrams of the sizes and designs that Apple itself provides them, so that the cases are ready on the first day that the new iPhone goes on sale. And in the case of this replica, they have created it from everything that Apple has sent them in terms of measurements and designs.

iphone 15 usb c

The detail of the USB type C port has been known thanks to the fact that the port measurement is slightly different than Lightning. And making an iPhone case with a USB Type-C port requires new measures, to which the Lightning port no longer adapts. In fact, in the same Unbox Therapy video you can already see the central tab of the connection port which, even though it is a model, is still surprising. In addition, it gives us a very visual image of what we will end up seeing at the end of this year.

Although the general design of the iPhone is still very good, the truth is that the Lightning connection port was already a drag, for many reasons. To begin with, technologically speaking, it offers connection and transfer speeds much lower than the USB type C port. In addition, the EU has put a lot of pressure on all manufacturers that sell in European territory to adopt the universal connector as a standard.