This is what you can do with the Dynamic Island and you did not know it

What is it and what can you do with the Dynamic Island?

The Dynamic Island It is located in the front area of ​​​​your phone, specifically, where the Face ID and the front camera are housed, which adapts and modifies its volume depending on the application and the situation in which we find ourselves. Next, let’s analyze some functions what you can do with this new novelty from Apple.

Notifications and information

The best way to interact with her is through apps and notifications, since it is where we extract the most performance from this island. Regarding the Applications like Apple Music or Spotify generate a mini player that if you press and hold a pop-up appears with the basic controls such as changing the song, pausing or playing on other different headphones. In addition, the colors change depending on the album cover.

With respect to notifications, you can enjoy a new experience both in ringtones and in the information panel. When we receive a call, you can answer from Dynamic Island itself, where iOS differentiates between the voice that we emit and that of the user who calls us.

Also, when we receive information about the AirPods or the charge of the device, since the percentage of charge of your iPhone or AirPods appears. We find the same situation with shipments through AirDrop, since the notification of the shipment and its loading appear. Once the shipment is complete, a window appears with the downloaded information.

Integration with applications

Even though it’s not yet fully integrated With third-party apps, there are native Apple features or certain apps that work really well. With the Apple Maps application, it notifies the turns that we have to make, lane changes or roundabout exits. This is very useful, especially if you have another app or the main page open, since you can always know where you have to turn until you reach your destination.

Less integration has with banking apps either google apps not adapted to the new way of interacting with your iPhone, since unlocking through Face ID is quite invasive, but it offers the necessary information that the user is looking for. We have the same situation with google where its applications work well within the dynamic island, however, there is still a long way to go, but it has solid development bases.

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One of the best novelties of the Dynamic Island is the possibility of to interact efficiently with several apps at the same time, since the island generates a division into two fractions and so that you can have the apps open simultaneously. For example, the Notes and clock or music app is where this division of functions that we are executing is most appreciated.

There is no doubt that the Dynamic Island has been the great novelty and revolution of the new iPhone 14 Pro and Max, since it completely changes the way we interact with our iPhone, becoming a key tool in the development of the next new hardware and software.

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