This is what YouTube will be like on Apple Vision Pro until Google does something about it

While YouTube refuses to develop a native application for this new Apple platform, an independent developer has chosen to create a solution called Juno. Below we explain what it is and how it works.

Why won't YouTube be available on visionOS at the moment?

Youtube is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, and is widely used by Apple users to access online content. However, users of the new Apple VIsion Pro will notice its absence in the app store. Instead, it has been suggested use the Safari browser to access the video service. While this option works, it doesn't provide the smooth and streamlined experience that Apple Vision Pro users would be expecting.

The lack of a native YouTube app for Apple Vision Pro is due to a decision by Google itself. They have chosen not to develop a specific version for the Apple platform and have also disabled the option to load the iPad application on the device. This has left Apple Vision Pro users with few options to enjoy YouTube in visionOS mixed reality.

However, the story has been able to take a positive turn thanks to the developer's initiative Christian Selig which had previously stood out for creations such as the application Apollo for Reddit. Selig has decided to take matters into his own hands and create a solution for the lack of YouTube on the Apple Vision Pro himself. The result is Juno, a third-party alternative to watching YouTube on the Apple Vision Pro.

How does Juno work and what is its purpose?

Juno is an app designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro that offers users a more streamlined way to access Youtube. Although its developer, Selig, admits that Juno doesn't look like a perfect native visionOS app, it's certainly much better than accessing YouTube using the website through Safari. Juno offers a smoother user experience and an interface that better fits the Apple Vision Pro environment.

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The availability of Juno in the Apple Vision Pro App Store has been excellent news for users. The application is available at a price of $4.99, making it a reasonable investment for those who want to enjoy the YouTube experience on their brand new Apple Vision Pro.

The lack of collaboration between Apple and Google has left Apple Vision Pro users without an optimal YouTube experience for some time. Now we just have to wait for Google to change its mind and adapt the application for visionOS in the near future.