This is what’s new from Apple for the iPhone

In the vast majority of cases, whenever there is talk of news for the iPhone, users focus on what is new that the device will bring, that is, on the hardware modifications that each new version can bring. However, these novelties also come in the form of functions, and these are provided by the software, in this case, iOS. Keep reading that we tell you everything that could come with iOS 17.

The possible news of iOS 17

Initially, the rumors about the new version of iOS that will be released in September were not very encouraging, however, with the passage of time and taking into account that the famous WWDC is just around the corner, it is celebrated on the 5th of June, that bad news has been turning into a tremendous hype due to the leaks that have emerged about iOS 17. According to the latest reports, iPhone users will be able to enjoy a large number of new features on their iPhone starting of the month of September. Of course, they will be able to meet them, all or almost all, on June 5.

  • performance improvements. Apple has focused on improving the performance of its iPhone, since iOS 16 has come with many new features but also with some instability, and iOS 17 has the main objective of providing just that.

  • A renewed Control Center. This is one of the most viable innovations for the launch of iOS 17. Those from Cupertino want to make the iOS Control Center much more functional and comfortable to use for users. Now, what is not known is how they want to do it.
  • The dynamic island At the moment it has not really been taken advantage of by developers, which is why Apple wants iOS 17 to give it the push it needs to be an element that really provides the desired comfort on a day-to-day basis.

iphone screen

  • The presence of Third-party app stores It is going to be another of the great novelties of iOS 17, although in this case it is something that Apple has been forced to do due to European Union legislation. In fact, initially this was going to be one of the reasons why iOS 17 seemed like it was going to arrive with a lack of new features. Therefore, it seems that iPhone users will be able to download apps from stores other than the App Store.
  • best searches. This is another of the functions that will arrive yes or yes as it has been filtered. With iOS 17 users will be able to find what they are looking for more easily.
  • interactive widgets. This is one of the great novelties, especially since users have been asking Apple for this function for a long time. Until now, widgets were only used to display more information about an app on the home screen, without having to enter it, well, with iOS 17 not only will you be able to continue enjoying it, but you will also be able to perform actions directly from the iPhone screen, without having to enter the application itself.