This is why an iPhone is better than an Android and you know it

Apple, iOS and iPhone, the perfect combination compared to Android

The combination of hardware and software means that Apple devices have many sections that are superior to direct competition such as Android. It is true that Android has improved a lot in recent years, but there are still some steps behind because the operating system is available for different devices and companies. Next we analyze what sections make an iPhone better than an Android.

  1. Ecosystem: It is a difference that every user knows. The possibility that all its products are available within the same package speeds up the linking between files and content. Remember that when you have two or more Apple devices, basically you have 3 operating systems, hardware, software and the linkage that occurs between them.
  2. Video quality: Despite not having the best technical features, in video recording the iPhone is unrivaled. All the specialized critics have determined that this device is the best equipment for video recording from professional videos and that they can help you from a professional point of view. Apple’s image processing makes the quality increase exponentially.
  3. Privacy & Security: the feeling and security is also an aspect to take into account when purchasing an iPhone. The protection of the Mail, the battle he had with Facebook to prevent the obtaining of information or the masking of the codes in iCloud has generated that feeling of security that allows Apple products to be more secure than others.

  1. Services: The iPhone is not just a mobile device, but everything that Apple provides for the purchase of a device. Services such as Apple Music, Apple TV or Apple fitness, are designed to be consumed on Apple devices. Along with this, we add payment services such as Apple Pay or cloud storage such as iCloud. All of this makes the iPhone not just a device, but a piece of equipment that allows access to multiple advantages.
  2. Support upgrade: Unlike many Androids, many Apple devices only have access to a couple of years of updates. Apple offers updates for 6 years. Proof of this, the iPhone X, which is 5 years old since its launch, has recently updated to iOS 16. Likewise, for those mobiles that do not receive support updates, Apple provides patches and security updates with the aim that the device is safe for users.
  3. It has a great sale as a second hand: Apple devices depreciate less than Android devices. A well-cared-for iPhone with a good battery percentage can lose 23-30% of its value in a year, therefore, you can recover a large part of the investment you made a year ago and acquire a new device at a lower price.

Huawei Mate XS

In the end it all depends on taste, there are users who prefer an Android because they prefer greater customization than that available in iOS or they simply prefer other benefits offered by the other great technological branch for mobiles. What is true is that both Apple and Google know provide feedback with the aim of improving and perfecting its operating systems, providing users with a better user experience.