This is why it is a good idea to buy an iPad 10

The 10th Generation iPad, also known as the iPad from studentseither “economic” It is one of the devices that has generated the most expectation by its users of the bitten apple, and that, in all probability, will become one of the best-selling products in the iPad segment. In this post we are going to see because the 10th generation iPad is a good option to buy this year.

iPad 10º, a most interesting iPad

The generation leap between the ninth generation iPad and the tenth generation iPad is more than evident, due to its new design change, processor and accessories. Next we will see what have been the main changes of this iPad with respect to its previous generation.

New design

The change of design It suits the iPad wonderfully, since it finally adapts a design with reduced borders, following Apple’s current design line, and a touch more modern and minimalist. Also has new colorsblue, yellow, pink and gray, just like the iPad Air, so that users can choose the color they like best.

ipad 10 camera

The new design brings with it a camera reset. For many users who use the iPad horizontally, either to write a project or to consume multimedia content. Therefore, if we take the iPad from its edges, we cover the camera with one of our hands. This new iPad moves the camera to the long edge and completely eliminates the hidden camera problem. In addition, the position of the camera means that we are centered and looking forward, a much more natural position.

USB-C and new accessories

The second novelty is that the iPad 10 already has USB-C. The new design change had to include whether or not it is adapted, since the entire iPad segment includes it, in addition, it complies with the quality standards of the European Union and greatly facilitates the connection of the peripherals to the new device, providing it with much more use so it adapts to the new restrictions of the European Union. The abandonment of the Lighting cable makes it easier to connect the iPad to an external screen, the inclusion of peripherals and, above all, avoids having to carry different cables and chargers in the same backpack or work briefcase because with one charger we can charge all Apple devices .

With respect to new accessories, The new tenth-generation iPad has given us a hard time with respect to its accessories. On the one hand, it continues to maintain andl First-generation Apple Pencilwhich has been on the market for many years and perhaps the time has come for a renewal or at least a small update.

iPad 10 + Magic Keyboard

On the other hand, this new iPad does bring with it a new keyboard. Apple has called it, Magic Keyboard Folio, where its main novelty is the inclusion of the trackpad and a different construction from the previous generation. The arrival of this accessory makes this iPad one more leap to become a “real computer” for many users.

Let us know in the comments if the 10th generation iPad is the ideal device for you.