This is why Pros buy the iPad Pro

Despite the many criticisms received due to the low renewal of the new iPad Pro, where many users state that the only thing worth noting is the new M2 chip. However, the truth is that 2022 iPad Pro It is a very Pro device for all users who want exceptional performance from their equipment. In this post, we are going to see Why professionals use iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro has nothing to envy the Mac

The iPad Pro carries the same chip as the MacBook Pro, which is a device with great performance and thermal efficiency. This allows you to work amply with professional applications. Before, many users said that the operating system made the iPad a complement to the computer. However, with iPadOS, professional apps like DaVinci Resolve or the entire Affinity suite are available for iPad; Have you ever wondered what it has to be like to edit video or photography on the panel of this iPad Pro?

In relation to the previous paragraph, the panel that this iPad carries is a true wonder, which carries a screen Liquid Retina XDR. This new panel represents a leap in the level of detail with a contrast of 1,000,000:1. This quantitative and qualitative leap of the screen becomes more apparent when you are editing HDR photos and videos. Along with this, it includes 1,000 bits of full screen and a peak brightness of 1,6000 bits, as well as the P3 color gamut.

Accessories, portability and App Store

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage that iPads have are the accessories and application suite available on the App Store and that, thanks to this, makes the experience with this equipment completely different from any product from the competition and from Macs.

The Second generation Apple Pencil It greatly facilitates the work both in the writing of texts and in the editing of photographs, where the new iPad Pro allows you to know in advance what the result will be like before it is executed in the project, an aspect that greatly facilitates the work when you have to be carrying out tests Constantly calibrating color.

ipad pro 2021 design

The Magic Keyboard It makes the user experience similar to Macs, both for writing projects and for scrolling through the panel thanks to the trackpack. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, are the specific apps for iPadOS, which each time occupy a greater weight in the App Store. It is true that there are still applications that are not available for iPad such as Unreal Engine, but the arrival of DaVinci Resolve opens a new door for the arrival of other professional applications.

What have been the real criticisms of the iPad Pro?

It is very possible that the criticism of this device is from those users who do not use the iPad Pro as the main device or have never had an iPad with these features, since once you know the benefits of this device, any renovation, no matter how small, Whatever it is, it makes many users buy it because the iPad is not just hardware, but iPadOS, which makes your experience completely different.

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Price is one thing to consider, but if you sell the previous generation iPad, you can get a newer device with better features and better iPadOS integration with macOS for less, as well as go to the Apple Trade service for that they give you the bonus at the moment of purchase. Who is not going to like an iPad Pro as the main device?