This is why the iPhone 14 has been a complete failure of Apple

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, chronicle of a death foretold

According to this expert’s data, the huge difference between the Pro version and the standard version has caused many users to purchase the Pro version despite the price increase. The proof of this is that the iPhone 14 is immediately available to acquire one of them, while some Pro and Pro Max versions range between five and six weeks. We analyze the reasons that caused this disaster.

  • Chip A15: Many users have expressed their refusal to purchase this product because it has a chip from a previous generation, carrying the same chip that the third generation iPhone SE has. The increase in price and components last year has disappointed potential buyers of this product.
  • Inflation: One of the sectors that has been most affected by the crisis derived from covid-19 is the type of Target that acquires this type of product. Therefore, the loss of purchasing power has prevented renewal of the device. The previous generation, the cheapest input device was around 800 euros. This year, the ticket price is 1,009 euros. An abysmal difference.
  • Phone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max: Both devices are found in many third-party stores at a very affordable price, even the iPhone 13 Pro is priced lower than the iPhone 14, which has better features and the same chip. To all this is added the little innovation of this device with respect to the previous generation and, therefore, many users have not seen fit to renew the device.
  • Apple is changing: For several generations, Apple has been increasing the differences between the Pro range and the entry range, but they want to change it in terms of specifications, but not price.

Tim Cook, it already happened to you with the iPhone XS

With the presentation of iPhone XS Apple already received a first notice because it included hardly any improvements with respect to the iPhone X. This situation caused Apple to fall into the stock market and had to restructure its product policy seeking to increase its income with the output of the iPad Air, iPad entry and an iPhone XR which was the best selling phone in 2018.

Apple has made the same mistake again, introducing a new iPhone with hardly any improvements over the previous generation and an increase of more than 200 euros over its predecessor. Apple fans demand Apple a product according to its price, with noticeable improvements from one generation to another, especially because they are products that require a large outlay to hardly notice differences between one generation to another.

A possible solution would be not having presented any iPhone 14 or only have presented the iPhone 14Plus, that if it presents innovations with respect to the previous generation and attract all users to acquire this new entry product. The iPhone 14 is a good device, but with an insufficient price and features for those users who have the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus is, above all, a chronicle of a death foretold.

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