This is why you have to update your iPhone, iPad or Mac

Every year, Apple launches new versions of its operating systems which include the main novelties of each of them, in addition to having each one of them with a large volume of updates, with the Cupertino company being the one that ends up launching the most versions of each software. Below we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading your Apple equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages you face

Updating your operating system always includes advantages, which are many, and the occasional disadvantage. The latter are a consequence of having a team that has been on the market for several years. Apple always presents its operating systems with the renewal of its equipment, so there are equipment that come with said system as standard. On the other hand, others have to update because they are from previous generations and where many users wonder if it is better to stay in their standard version or enjoy the new features and security patches.

Advantages of upgrading

Three main advantages stand out when updating the operating system that we are going to analyze the reasons why it is an advantage to update regardless of the device or equipment you have from Apple.

  • Upgrading and cleaning equipment: Updating to the new version of the operating system is not only small visual changes at the design level, but also a complete cleaning of the device and improvements in performance, battery management, storage and removal of catché that takes up a lot of space and does not improve the user experience.
  • Integration between different operating systems: updating allows greater integration between the Apple ecosystem since those from Cupertino seek at all times that devices with the same ID understand each other perfectly. Updating improves that synchronization and integration that is always essential.
  • Keep on a previous version prevents using apps that are compatible that are adapted to the new OSso you will not be able to have the news of other essential professional applications in your day to day, either due to lack of updates or because the developer does not allow it to be used in more recent versions for any other reason.

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Negative aspects of not updating

From the writing team of the bitten apple, we have always stated the advantages and the recommendation to always have updated to the latest versions of the operating system. Below we attach the consequences of this.

  • Possible security flaws: When you don’t update to the latest version of the Operating System, security flaws can occur that can endanger the files on your Mac. It is true that Apple releases versions and security patches to older devices. However, it focuses most of its resources on new versions.
  • You can’t update apps: Many applications are updated to the latest version of macOS to offer the best user experience for any of your tasks. if you don’t get the latest version you won’t be able to get the new features of your essential apps to be more productive.
  • Loss of performance: Every macOS update brings with it an increase in performance and stability. Talking about a previous version prevents having the new software features that will improve the user experience.
  • Loss of system stability: When a software failure occurs, one of the first recommendations is to update the operating system. This update not only consists of obtaining visual improvements, but also eliminates a large part of the cache that causes a destabilization of the system due to the fact that it takes up more and more space on the SSD disk. Updating the system removes a large number of files that have no function or performance to free up space and improve the efficiency of the operating system both software and hardware as a whole.,

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