This leak of the iPhone 16 Pro has made me smile a lot

The first rumors of the iPhone 16 Pro are beginning to appear little by little, a device that, according to the first rumors, aims to improve the energy efficiency of the device, as well as take a leap forward in both processor performance and photography and video . The media 9to5Mac has echoed a very interesting leak that It will improve the user experience. Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

Although the leak occurred via Twitter, the leaker kosutami has a fantastic leak history that were true. Specifically, this Chinese leaker indicated the new FireWoven strap of the Apple Watch before the Apple event, as well as the leaks of a new HomePod with LCD screen, which was corroborated by 9to5Mac and that La Manzana Mordida shared for all our readers.

New battery design for the iPhone 16 Pro

The leak has taken place on X, where Kosutami has published a hitherto unknown component in the iPhone that will be integrated into the new Apple flagships for 2024 and 2025. According to this leaker, the image is a prototype of the initial stage of a battery designed for the iPhone 16 Pro. This device seems to have a capacity of 3,355 mAh, a battery slightly larger than the 3,274 mAh of the iPhone 15 Pro and with a L-shaped arrangement. Therefore, where is the real change?

It seems that the big difference with respect to previous batteries is that the Apple battery is covered by a metal casing instead of the traditional aluminum cover.

Improve heat dissipation

The new metal cover aims dissipate heat and prevent device overheating, due to the numerous complaints it received due to overheating. With the aluminum cover, the opposite effect was produced, that is, it concentrated the heat instead of dissipating it, a situation that generated a real headache for Cupertino due to the numerous complaints it received because of it. Consequently, Apple may have made improving this area its number one priority for 2024.

In conclusion, at the moment we do not have much more news and leaks about the new iPhone 16, although everything seems to indicate that the models Pro and Pro Max will feature a larger screen than the current models. Also, we have rumors that both phones will have a better ultra wide angle lens, faster 5G and Wifi 7.

Other news is the possibility that generation 16 will have two different processorsAs with the Mac, that is, the iPhone 16 Pro will have the A18 Pro chip, while the standard series will have an A18 processor, a chip with some “cut functions.” This decision shows that users are not happy with having a new iPhone with a previous generation processor.

Regarding the Pro model, this device is expected to have a tetrasprima lens to improve an optical zoom of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Remember that this was not included in the current generation due to supply problems for the Japanese company Sony, which dominates 56% of the world market for camera lenses.