This macOS tweak has changed the way I work with my MacBook

Luckily, macOS can be quite customizable. While it is true that not as much as other operating systems, let's take Linux for example, it is also possible to change some settings and make the Mac better adapt to our way of working.

Today, I want to share how a simple tweak to my MacBook has redefined my user experience and improved the way I work with the device.

The setting I most wanted to have on the Mac

The characteristic in question focuses on the keyboard response customization, specifically in modifying the speed of repetition of the keys and the interval prior to this repetition. Essentially, it's about adjusting how fast and how often a character repeats when we hold down a key in any text field.

You've probably held down the delete key on your Mac for a long period of time to delete a sentence or paragraph without selecting it. Well, what this function does is that this action multiplies its speed. In the same way, using the arrows to navigate through the text will also now be a much faster action.

To access and modify these parameters, we must follow these steps. Let's go to System Settings – Keyboard. Within this section, we are presented with two sliders, one that regulates the «Wait until the replay«, defining how much time must elapse before the key begins repeating the character, and another that adjusts the «Key repetition rate«, which determines how quickly the characters are repeated once the process has started.

The benefits of adjusting key response speed on Mac

Implementing this setting provides a series of important advantages, especially for those who, like me, spend many hours in front of the screen, programming, writing or simply browsing content. Below I present some of the benefits I have experienced:

  • Greater efficiency in text editing: The ability to control the erase speed by holding down the backspace key has made editing long texts much faster when I'm working. The accuracy and speed with which I can now correct errors or rearrange sections of text is now much greater.
  • Improvements when I am programming: For developers, how quickly lines of code can be introduced or removed without compromising accuracy is also important. This setting has redefined my workflow when I'm programming with the MacBook Proallowing me to maintain a constant pace without interruptions.

MacBook Pro m3 keyboard

Personal impact on productivity

Integrating this adjustment into my daily routine has been truly amazing. The speed and efficiency with which I can now navigate and manipulate text has significantly reduced the time I spent on monotonous tasks, allowing me to focus my energy on more creative and impactful tasks.

Before, I found myself constantly fighting against the default slowness of the system, which interrupted my workflow and slowed it down as well. Now, I feel like the keyboard responds to my rhythm, adapting to my needs rather than forcing me to adapt to it. This adjustment, although small in appearance, has been a significant improvement in my user experience with the MacBook Pro.