This new Apple product has Samsung in its sights

Although they have not come to light, many Apple products and ideas are in the Cupertino testing laboratories. One of the rumored upcoming devices is the ring. A smart ring, of which we have already shown you patents about it. However, now new information has been released regarding this. We'll tell you about them below!

It was the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors who released the latest data. In the field of health and fitness, the main proposal for Californians is the Apple Watch. However, the next step they want to take is to create a device that is less intrusive, and they have thought about the shape of a ring.

However, beyond the health and constant monitoring functions, what has now been known are Apple's intentions. They see them coming with the Samsung smart ring, and they don't want to be left behind.

Apple steps on the accelerator in the development of its smart ring

As they are making known from MacRumors, “Apple is accelerating development of the smart ring.” The reason is none other, presumably, than the official presentation of Samsung's smart ring, “in the second Unpacked of 2024,” they explain. Furthermore, they add that “Apple is seriously weighing the idea as a viable expansion of its wearables line, and has been filing for more and more patents related to a finger-worn device with NFC while coordinating the timing of the launch.”

In fact, regarding the commercialization of Apple's smart ring, this “would be imminent,” according to a source cited as “an industry insider.”

A growing market

MacRumors also announces that Apple's interest in the ring has been increasing along with the interest of companies in developing this type of product.

They announce that the first in its category was launched in 2015, the Oura Ring, which is now in its third generation. However, although Apple is not the first in this segment, they maintain their philosophy of arriving well, even if it is later than the rest. In fact, in order to continue along that line of thinking, “Apple has been paying close attention to the markets for signs that a smart ring could be popular”they explain.

Now they have decided to step on the accelerator (even more), knowing that Samsung is completely red-handed. And between the growing opportunity to validate with the South Korean firm in one of the areas in which Apple positions itself as the queen (Apple Watch and the field of health), the pieces are beginning to fit for an upcoming product that would complement the watches, which were launched in 2015. In fact, it also reveals the fact that “Apple has been playing with the idea of ​​a ring-type wearable for several years.”