This new Apple product is a surprise

Although it has not been released on the market, this new Apple product is a new combination of elements that will interact together, in a way that we have not seen until now. Furthermore, the shape that it is supposedly going to end up having is also somewhat disruptive, since it reminds us of several existing products, due to the exterior shape. But, in terms of uses, it would incorporate functions that we would never say we would see in a device of this type.

This product has not yet been released to the market, as it is a patent that has been reported in the specialized English-speaking media Patently Apple. These are headphones. and, although until now we have the already ubiquitous line of AirPods (in its different models), it is a next step in the line of products that are being cooked, within the Cupertino laboratories.

However, although its shape reminds us of headphones, and the name of the registered document specifies that it is headphones, there is no direct mention of the name of AirPods. In addition, functions that this new device could incorporate are announced, which we have never seen before in headphones from the Apple brand. Do you want to know the details? We present them to you below.

Health sensors and satellite connections

In the images of the patent that you can consult from this same link, you can see the shape of a headphone headband. However, nothing regarding the pads appears, or is referenced. From the middle they explain that the upper band of the headband could be removed at some point, so that these headphones could have modular components.

Beyond what we have been able to know in recent years, in terms of additional functions in headphones, some stand out that we have not yet seen, and that go beyond offering a good sound experience. Regarding the new sensor signings, the following is mentioned:

  • Pressure sensors
  • Optical sensors
  • Sensors to measure electrical signals (they explain that one of the uses could be pulse measurement)
  • inertia meters
  • Physical orientation and positioning sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and compass are the most important)

But the most interesting thing does not stop here, since it is also explained that these headphones could have haptic response sensors, in order to provide feedback to the user when, for example, they are in situations in which they are following a Map route with GPS system. “A touch can be provided to the right or left of the headset to signal the person which way to turn, when navigating streets in a city, using assistive satellite navigation from the headset,” they explain.

airpods max or pro

Are we facing a new generation of AirPods Max? Do they want to create a new line of standalone devices that look like headphones, but do many more functions? On the one hand we are seeing characteristic elements of the Apple Watch. On the other hand, elements of the iPhone. And also, elements of the Apple Vision Pro. All of them, encapsulated in a new patent that only time knows when it will materialize.