This new Apple product is already a reality

Apple does not stop for a single second in the evolution of its devices, and it is that despite the fact that almost all eyes are on the new iPhone and, of course, on the new mixed reality glasses, there are other products on the horizon of the company that are also important, especially since some of them are unpublished up to now. One of these is practically a reality and in this post we will tell you about it.

The new MacBook Air is about to arrive

One of the products that is closest to its launch is undoubtedly the 15-inch MacBook Air, an unprecedented device so far in the history of Apple, since there had never been a MacBook Air with these screen dimensions. Is about a highly anticipated team by many users, since all those who until now wanted to have an Apple laptop that had a screen larger than 13 inches they had to bet on the MacBook Pro, a device that is considerably more expensive.

The presentation and launch of this product it is rumored for the next WWDC which will take place in less than 1 month, and according to the latest news it seems that, in this case, everything is ready for it. The first units of this new Apple laptop are already beginning to accumulate in the providers, which indicates that, in theory, there will be no setbacks with this product, reaching users according to the dates provided by Apple.

What if this MacBook Air didn’t launch at WWDC?

Rumors about everything Apple has in mind to launch at the next Developers Conference suggest that the hardware is going to have a really big importance within an event that, in theory, has always been focused and dedicated to developers. In addition to all the new operating systems, those of Cupertino seem to also introduce mixed reality glasses and two new Mac models in addition to the 15-inch MacBook Air.

If that wasn’t enough, both iOS 17 and watchOS 10 are supposed to come with significant changes, so Apple will not be able to spend little time on them if it really wants to sell the new features of these operating systems. In short, it is really strange that Apple is going to present and launch so many things in one event, so it is possible that this was not really the case.

wwdc announcement

Considering that the 15-inch MacBook Air is only going to have the novelty of its size, it would not be unreasonable to think that the Cupertino company can prepare a launch through a press release, and that this also happens before WWDC. In this way, I would leave all the prominence to both the software, which in theory should be the greatest incentive of this Keynote, and the mixed reality glasses, which are a new product within the entire Apple catalog and which, of course, counts with great expectation in the entire technological field. However, be that as it may, the truth is that in a very short time we will be able to clear up doubts, since there is less than 1 month left for the celebration of this WWDC.