this price reduction on the iPad Air

The iPad Air is a very well balanced and balanced device. If we want to have the advantages of the Pro, such as Apple Silicon processors, we are going to find them. If we want to have advantages of the entry range, such as paying a lower price, too. Now, in addition, it is on sale through Amazon. So we will have the possibility of paying less than what they ask of us in the official Apple Store. Do you want to know the models that are on sale right now? The total savings? We let you know in this article!

If you are interested in a device with power, compatibility with Apple's professional editing programs, that can be used with styluses, mice and trackpads, and even that can have a SIM card installed (virtual or physical) to have an internet connection wherever, we will find it on this device. Do you want to know all the specifications of the models that are on sale? We will tell you about them below.

These iPad Air are going to be cheaper on Amazon

The first model that we bring you on offer on Amazon has the following characteristics:

  • 10.9 inch screen
  • Apple Silicon M1 processor
  • 64GB of internal SSD storage space
  • Wireless connection via Wi-Fi networks
  • USB Type C port with USB 3 speed
  • Touch ID biometric identification system on the lock button
  • wide angle camera

The usual price of this model, if we want to buy it from the Apple Store, is 769 euros. However, now we have all the colors, whose prices are between 639 and 649 euros. Therefore, we are talking about direct discounts of between 120 and 130 euros. Do you want to take advantage of these special prices? Below we leave you the direct purchase links:

Do you want more storage space? In addition to the 64GB configuration, the iPad Air is also available in 256GB. This increase in memory also represents an increase in the final price. But in exchange we will obtain greater freedom when it comes to having files saved in local memory, and avoid cloud subscription plans. However, on Amazon, right now there are several models that also lower their price. On that occasion, we have the colors Blue, Star White and Space Gray, which lower their usual price from 969 euros to only 829 euros. Therefore, we are talking about a direct saving of 140 euros. Do you want to get them? Below we leave you with the links:

ipad air a14 blue