This video shows an AirPower prototype charging an Apple Watch Series 4

One of the soap operas most important in Apple's recent history was Apple's multi-device charging base, which was named AirPower. It was a charging base that allowed you to charge different devices via wireless charging, including the Apple Watch, but that Apple finally canceled due to technical problems two years after its presentation. However, a few days ago a video appeared in which a prototype of this AirPower is seen charging an Apple Watch Series 4 (also a prototype), but which reflects that the watch was charged.

The AirPower project cancelled, but this video shows how it works

The operation of AirPower was relatively new for the technology that existed in 2017 when Apple officially presented the idea. It was a large wireless charging base designed for Simultaneously charge multiple Apple devices like AirPods, iPhone or Apple Watch. The important thing is that the position of the device did not matter Since it was loaded equally, careful positioning was not necessary.

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The technology used was a Array of charging coils located along the entire base, that generated electromagnetic fields and transmitted current to the coils of the devices, facilitating wireless charging. However, After a period of years of testing, Apple canceled the AirPower due to technical problems without any additional information. Everything that has happened to this day has been hypotheses and no official data.

In this video which was published a couple of days ago on the social network that the base could charge Apple Watch. This prototype has 16 coils but there are others that have been seen with 14 or 22, within the test and production plans of the Big Apple. It is unknown if Apple intends to release a revised AirPower later, but at least we started to see some videos of a product that would have revolutionized the market at that time.