This was what users and experts thought about the iPhone 15 years ago

The iPhone was presented in a more than historic Apple Keynote on January 9, 2007. A show for which Steve Jobs kept some surprises, and which served as a showcase for a device that, for better or worse, would change the way to communicate.

Nevertheless, although today we have it clear… Do you know what users thought about the iPhone presented fifteen years ago? Things have changed a lot, but there were many who predicted a disaster that never came. Let’s look back, let’s see what people thought of the iPhone fifteen years ago.

The opinion of the foreros

The original iPhone did not go unnoticed in Forocoches, the most important Spanish-speaking forum in the world. Today iPhone users run a thread with more than 200 volumes to help other “forums”, or just to get your daily fanboy fix, however on launch day we were able to read the following:

  • Perju: The iPhone is a media player with a phone. On the PDA you can load the software you want: everything the iPod does (MP3 player, video, browser, mail) and also spreadsheets, scientific programs, word processors, etc.
  • Phrenetic: What a bigger bullshit. I just bought an HTC P3300 that has: Mobile; PDA with windows mobile 5.0 (system for which there are thousands of programs, games and applications. What things are there for Apple’s?); Radio (these apple don’t wake up, mp3 players without radio and now they screw it up again); GPS Shirf III (something that Apple’s does not have, ahh and from any pda you can access Google maps, I don’t know why they put it as a novelty…); Bluetooth…
  • elmendaonline: I prefer an N95.
  • PiPoGT: It’s not worth what it costs, there are better gadgets than that iPhone.
  • Jezu: I don’t think the OS is closed, Jobs knows that it would kill the bug before it is born.

These are by no means the wildest comments that were made that day regarding the iPhone, in fact, they are the most justified and coherent if we take into account the evolution of the industry at that time.

The expert’s opinion”

But it did not stop there, the boys from Bloomberg, one of the most influential North American media in the sector, branded the iPhone as luxury nonsense for technology geeks. For his part, Engadget, now extinct in Spanish, stated that this was neither a telephone nor was it intelligent, but the palm took the New York Times, a medium that dedicated almost an entire page to trying to show that a non-removable battery was little less than an aberration, something that today is an industry standard.