This way you can have Apple TV + for free

If you want to enjoy the catalog of Apple TV+ movies and series, but you don’t want to pay the full subscription, in today’s post we show you a way you can enjoy this service for free. Of course, we are going to require another subscription and some adjustments to be able to carry it out.

This is thanks to Apple Music

Apple Music and Apple TV+ have in common that they are both Apple services. But there is a way by which, if you sign up for Apple Music, you can enjoy Apple TV+ for the same price that you are going to pay for the music service. No need to register another subscription. And the best of all? For only 5.99 euros per month. And yes, we are talking about the price of the Apple Music subscription.

The subscription to the music service is 10.99 euros per month. For its part, Apple TV + costs 6.99 euros per month. How is this possible, then? Well, thanks to the Apple Music student subscription, at the price of 5.99 euros per month, Apple TV + is included at no additional cost, and without having to do anything else. This is not a limited time offer, and we will not be subject to any content restrictions either. The entire Apple Music catalog and the entire Apple TV+ catalog can be enjoyed at this price.

How to register the student subscription

To sign up for Apple Music and TV+ for students, the first thing we have to do is register on the UNiDAYS website. This portal is an aggravator of offers and discounts for university students. Thanks to this, we will have access to reduced prices in many brands, products and services. Among them, the Apple Music offer for students, which, in turn, includes Apple TV +.

To register we will have to enter our personal data and our student data (the university we are at, the studies, the year we are in and the total duration of the studies). We must link our Apple ID with the UNiDAYS account, in order to enjoy this subscription. From the same Apple Music application, we select the Student plan, and we will be redirected to the UNiDAYS website, where we will have to log in with the data we have provided.


Once both accounts are linked, the student subscription will be activated. You can take the test and access the Apple TV + application. If we try to access any movie or series within the Originals section, we will already have access to be able to play and download the content that is available. We will not have to log in again or re-validate our student status. Simply, with our Apple ID, on our iPhone, iPad or Mac, we can play the content of the platform. If we are going to subscribe to both services with their standard plans, on the one hand Apple Music costs 10.99 euros per month, and Apple TV + costs 6.99 euros per month. We are talking about 17.98 euros per month for two services. With the student account, we will save 12 euros per month.