This will be the Artificial Intelligence of iOS 18

In Cupertino they prepare for the WWDC 2024 in which iOS 18 will be presented with a clear protagonist: Artificial Intelligence. Mark Gurman offers us details of what it will be like on our iPhone.

At the next developer conference, Apple will offer us a new approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI), different from what we have seen so far in its competitors. While companies like Google, Microsoft or Meta show amazing functionsApple wants to offer us an AI that is closer to the user, that is more useful on a daily basis.

Apple is preparing to spend a good portion of its Worldwide Developers Conference exposing its AI-related features. At the heart of the new strategy is Project Greymatter, a set of AI tools that the company will integrate into core apps like Safari, Photos, and Notes. It also includes operating system features such as improved notifications.

The system will have two different parts. Local information processingon the device itself, for the simplest tasks, and for those that require greater processing power, this will be done in the cloud. To do this, both iOS 18 and macOS 15 will include what is necessary to determine which tasks should be performed locally and which in the cloud. Most tasks carried out locally They will be compatible with the latest processors, so it is expected that devices that are one year old will be able to use most of the functions. For tasks carried out in the cloud, Apple will have its servers that have powerful M2 Ultra processors.

There are several new capabilities in the works for this year, including those that transcribe voice memos, retouch photos with AI, and make searches faster and more reliable in the Spotlight feature. They will also improve Safari's web search and automatically suggest responses to emails and text messages.

One of the big news will come from Siri, which will finally be improved to reach the level required of it today. Interactions will be carried out with a more natural languageEven on the Apple Watch we can perform more advanced tasks using the virtual assistant.

Apple also wants to bring artificial intelligence to things as common as Emoji. In this way, according to the text we write New emoji will be created, fully personalized, apart from the official emojis that we already have. It will also be possible to customize the iPhone home screen, changing the colors of the icons and placing them wherever we want. Automatic summaries of notifications, messages, web articles and other topics will also be an AI-related novelty.

The agreement with OpenAI will allow let's have a chatbot integrated into the system, the same as that offered by OpenAI or Google itself. It is a sign that Apple accepts that right now it cannot compete with its rivals in this feature, but the company is working on its own chatbot, despite the reluctance of some of the executives.