This will be the new iPhone screen

The celebration of the Developers Conference is really close, and it is that in just two weeks the Cupertino company is going to present all the new operating systems, in addition to many other surprises that they have prepared for us. However, about iOS 17 details are already being known that, of course, many users will like. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

One of the great news that Apple has introduced in iOS, and therefore in the iPhone, in recent years, has been the presence of widgets. In the first place, they took center stage on the main screen, to later also reach the lock screen, something that happened with iOS 16, that is, very recently. Well, it seems that the Cupertino company has taken a liking to widgets and with iOS 17 we will be able to see and enjoy more functionality that Apple will give it.

Apple is going to make the iPhone the center of the house

Yes, you read the headline correctly, Apple wants the iPhone to be a device with which you can control the whole house, and it will do it through the widgets. Until now, many users who have a smart home in which HomeKit is the protagonist, had iPad as that central device where they could control everything that happened. Well, it seems that Apple wants to do something similar with the iPhone, and all this through the widget.

Those of Cupertino want the iPhone to be useful even when it is not being used, hence one of the presumed functions that will come to iOS 17 is the possibility that when the device is placed on a charging base horizontallyon its screen be can view different data related to your homesuch as calendar appointments, weather data, notifications and any information that the user can classify as useful for their day-to-day life, that is, the iPhone would somewhat imitate the function that competing devices such as the Echo Show currently have. or the Google Nest Hub.

iphone screen

Without a doubt, it is something really curious and that, of course, will have to be verified in a few days if it finally becomes a reality, since It is not the only rumor that has been known about iOS 17 that has widgets as its main protagonist. In addition, the same information also states that Apple would be working on a device that fulfills just that function, a kind of iPad mini that can stay magnetized to walls and whose main objective is to display useful information from a smart home.

However, as we always say, these are just rumors, with the advantage that this time we will be able to clear up our doubts relatively soon, since June 5 is just around the corner and, of course, It will be an event that, taking into account all the information that is known and the expectations created, will be historic.