This will be the next iPhone 15

This video shows us what will the next iPhone 15 be like with mockups that reflect all the rumors that we have been accumulating so far about the next Apple phones.

In MacRumors they have published a video in which they compare some models of the next iPhone 15, in which we can see all the design innovations that the next Apple phones will bring, since they are based on all the rumor mill that has been accumulating in recent months about what changes these new iPhone models will bring.

The differences between the current models and those that we will see after the summer are not too evident. The first thing that stands out is the new USB-C connector of the iPhone 15, which on the other hand does not differ too aesthetically from the current Lightning. The 15 models are expected to have a USB-C with a lower data transfer rate than the Pro models, which is supposed to bring Thunderbolt for fast data transfer such as videos. There’s been a lot of talk about Apple’s potential limitation on that USB-C connector that could give the company’s certified cables an advantage over other generic cables.

There is also a small change in the corners of the new models, which will be more curved than the current ones. It’s a minor design change that you have to see compared to the current model to be able to perceive. Remember that there has been talk of a new titanium structure for the Pro models, which is not seen in these models, but which would mean that the current shiny edges of the Pro models would give way to matte edges, typical of titanium. What we do see in the models is the rear glass in a matte finish, something that now only happened in the Pro models but that with the iPhone 15 would extend to the entire iPhone range.

iPhone 15 mockup

These iPhone 15 mockups also show a single volume button, as opposed to the two buttons (up and down) we’ve had on the iPhone for years. We have already talked on many occasions about Apple’s intention to put haptic buttons that control both the volume and the power on of the phone, without mechanical movements. This rumor ended up giving way to another in which it seems that technical problems would have caused a delay in this feature until the next generation. But this next model may have a single volume button, although its operation remains mechanical like current models. You can also see the disappearance of the mute switch, characteristic of the iPhone since its first generation, which would give way to a button that could be configured with different actions. There are no changes in the cameras that will continue to maintain the same design, but we will have a new telescopic camera with a 6x zoom, although only limited to the Pro Max model, since a lot of space is needed inside the phone for all the necessary mechanisms.