This will have the AirPods and it is incredible

AirPods, whether they are the first, second or third generation as well as the Pro or Max models, are elements that people who are lucky enough to enjoy them on a day-to-day basis wear for many hours. Well, soon they will not only be used to listen to music, but they will also have really striking health functions. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

can not be doubted the great success that Apple headphones are having since its launch, despite all the criticism they received for their design. So much so, that what began as a wireless headset has led to different models and successive updates to them, with Apple today having a wide range of options for all those users who want to buy good headphones.

Two of the highlights of them are sound quality and comfort, and of course, in both AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, noise cancellation. Well, it seems that these characteristics of the headphones will soon be add other features that, today, are more typical of an Apple Watchor at least that’s what Mark Gurman has reported in his “Power On” newsletter.

The great novelty of AirPods

The health of people is something that at Apple has always mattered a lot, and the Apple Watch is the best example of this. Well, it seems that the AirPods are going to follow in the wake of this product and they are also going to have functions that help people have a much healthier life. And it is that, according to Mark Gurman, who is one of the most prestigious Apple analysts, those of Cupertino have on their roadmap introduce modifications in 1 or 2 years in the AirPodsso that they can offer users different advantages at the level of health.


One of the most prominent, and one that Gurman himself has spoken about, is the possibility that AirPods serve as headphones, for all those users who have hearing problems. This movement would not be strange at all, since in fact today there are already functions such as Live Listen or Conversation Boost that help people with this type of problem.

But be careful, because this is not the first time that something similar to this has been rumored, since in the past, other analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo have already declared that Apple’s plans were going for introduce sensors that were capable of measuring physiological metrics such as temperature, heart rate, perspiration levels and other types of data that are really useful to know the state of health of people.

AirPods Max + iPhone

Obviously, this will not be something that we will see this year, but note that according to Gurman it will not take too long, pointing out that Apple could carry out all this in a period of 2 or 3 years. It will be necessary to verify with the passage of time if these rumors finally come to fruition or if, on the contrary, they are carried away by the wind.