We just started this 2023 and we already started strong with the rumors about the next iPhone that may come out this year. It is true that the rumors about the iPhone 15 have not stopped happening almost at the same time as the model 14 was launched. However, until this rumor, those that have come out did not add much to the current scene. Yes, what a better chip and more energy efficiency, but that for the user is rather little. What is wanted is innovation and substantial improvements and It seems that there will be.

The new rumors that are coming out about the iPhone 15 leave aside the internal improvements and the technical speed data, to focus on what the users who are going to use these models really want/want: We want to know and see that we have a different terminal from the that we had before we bought the new one. It is said, it is speculated that this new year 2023, when Apple launches the event where the new phone models are presented, the model 15 will bring Titanium, solid state buttons with haptic feedback and higher RAMaccording to technology analyst Jeff Pu.

Jeff Pu, has had access to a note for the Hong Kong investment firm Haitong International Securities. In it, the expectations for the next iPhone 15 are discussed: There is talk of several terminals with screens ranging from 6.1 inches to 6.7. And of several models: A Pro and a Pro Max. It is in these models, in the Pro, that they are expected to come with a titanium frame and solid-state power and volume buttons with haptic feedback that are powered by two additional motors. As for the mentioned RAM, it is expected that they reach the 8GB. Currently the Pro models reach 6GB.

In addition, the rumor is emphasized that this year the Pro model will be more Pro than ever, because apart from what has already been said, it must be added that they will bring a chip A17 Bionic Manufactured using TSMC’s 3nm process. The rest of the models will use the A16 Bionic.