Three Apple options that I recommend for this Christmas

iPhone 14

The great advantage of the iPhone 14 has been its few new features compared to the previous generation. Due to this, many users have opted for an iPhone 13 instead of an iPhone 14 and of course, under this situation, large stores have launched promotions for this phone at a very competitive price.

Therefore, in this dream pack for this Christmas, the iPhone 14 becomes a very interesting product. Specifically, we highlight its 6.1-inch retina XDR screen, 5G connection and dual camera system with the ability to record video in Action Mode and Cinema Mode. This last option has 4K resolution at 30 fps, a real delight for photographing your favorite moments with your family.

Apple Watch Series 9

Solo Loop Strap Apple Watch Series 6

With the price of the iPhone 14 in its base version, you can purchase the Apple Watch series 9. This device does represent a leap forward with respect to the generation. Among its main novelties, the incorporation of a new processorthe S9 chip that represents a leap forward in both net performance and energy efficiency, meaning we can spend more time with our unit on our wrist.

We also have to add a increased screen brightnessgoing from 1,000 nits to 2,000 nits, reaching the same figure found in the first-generation Apple Watch Series Ultra.

Finally, we have to highlight the new improvements that have been made produced in dictation and in Siri, and that can now help us when we need it without an internet connection in some tasks. The only drawback of this ninth generation is its design, which maintains the same design as the last generations.

AirPods Pro


Finally, we cannot ignore an accessory that is incredible for both our Apple Watch and our iPhone, such as the AirPods Pro. This generation is several steps above the AirPods 3 and the AirPods 2. This is because it has with the latest technologies on the market. One of its main benefits and that has nothing to envy of the AirPods Max is the Noise Cancellation. Thanks to this technology, you will be able to walk down the street immersed in your own thoughts and your music.

Along with this, we also have the reverse mode, called ambient mode and that allows you to clearly listen to music everything that happens around you, an aspect that can be very useful in certain cases, such as avoiding accidents.

Finally, we cannot finish this post without highlighting the compatibility of these AirPods with spatial audio, lossless audio, and adaptive soundwhich combines ambient mode with noise cancellation dynamically.