Three details to detect a good iPhone in Wallapop

What kind of users can you find on Wallapod

In Wallapop you can find different types of users, from small businesses that sell refurbished products to individuals who renew the iPhone every year and sell it through this platform to people who want to renew the device but do not want to make a large outlay.

If you are one of these types of users, below we will present three tips so that the purchase of your Apple device is satisfactory and you do not suffer any deception or scam.

Presentation of the product

The product must contain many images of the device from different angles and colorful, to visually see if the iPhone is in good condition or has bumps or breaks as a result of misuse. Along with this presentation, it is important to highlight the presence of a good product descriptionwhere we can know the reason why the user sells the device.

You also have to check if the description of the product has purchase invoice or if it includes original box or cable. These indications allow you to quickly know if the product is new by the seller or if you have previously bought it from an individual.

Product price and status

The price is a section to take into account when you are going to buy a product, especially when you are going to buy an iPhone, since they are products that have a very high price. An iPhone can depreciate between 20-30% each year if it is used carefully. However, if the product has bumps or scratches, the price will be reduced considerably.

If you see a off-market price at any of its limits, discard that product because you are the target of a scam, either because the product is not the one that appears in the description or because the device is broken and you do not want to indicate it. In addition, if the device has a broken internal component, it will have a direct impact on the price, so it is an indication to know which products have a real price and a false price.

What questions to ask before buying the device?

Once we have determined potential vendors, it is important to ask a series of questions to verify that the device is working properly. Here are some questions you have to do:

First of all, it is essential to know the battery status, since if it has suffered deterioration in a short period of time, it is an indication of misuse of the device. Second, photographs on the invoice and serial number of the product, so you can determine if the serial number matches the invoice, Third, a video on device operationboth in browsing web pages, downloading applications and the operation of the camera, to see if the lenses have suffered any damage.

If it meets your requirements and the price is according to what is offered and what you can afford, you can arrange a meeting and make the purchase. Remember that even if you buy a second-hand product, in Spain there is a guarantee for said product for a few months, so if you see any damage and want to return it, there is a legal mechanism to restore copra.