Three iPhone apps to manage stress

Stress and anxiety are listed as one of the great diseases of the 21st century. Two diseases that people in the first world experience more and more as a consequence of the rhythm of life we ​​lead, the multitude of daily connections we have and the search for greater productivity in our day to day. Therefore, in this article, we are going to analyze three applications from the App store that help reduce stress anxiety progressively.

Insight Timer

This application of meditation and wellness focuses on offering a wide range of mindfulness that aims to reduce stress and anxiety. This application has a wide variety of free exercises.

Some of its advantages are diversity of content, which includes talks and music to adapt to the preferences and individual needs of users. Also, you can bypass meditations between different durations, style and approaches. Another of its characteristics is the ccustomization ability, allowing you to determine different options to suit your needs and preferences. In addition, the application offers courses and workshops free and paid courses geared towards mindfulness and wellness experts for those who wish to deepen their practices and learn new skills.

Insight Timer - Meditation
Insight Timer - Meditation

smiling mind


Smiling Mind is an application developed by Australian psychologists and educators They have as they seek to help people reduce stress and improve their well-being, improve through a variety of exercise and meditation programs.

The application seeks at all times to teach techniques that allow reduce stress and anxiety, as well as teach you tools to improve skills more effectively, improve concentration, decision making and increase emotional resilience. Along with the aforementioned, one of its most important points is the possibility of carrying out a follow-up of your meditation sessions, meditated time and progress in the programs, where you will see the development you are having not only mentally, but also graphically.

Finally, it is important to note that this application is accessible to everyone, it is already free. Yes, it includes premium features subscription call “Smiling Mind Plus” which provides access to additional content and exclusive features.

Smiling Mind Meditation App
Smiling Mind Meditation App

Headspace: meditation and sleep


Finally, we cannot forget the Headspace application, a very popular on the app store and which aims to help users to reduce stress and anxiety through mindfulness practices and guided meditation.
Some of its most important characteristics is the possibility of set up guided meditations that work on issues such as stress, anxiety, concentration, self-esteem and gratitude.

It also has structured programs that allows includes a series of courses and programs that guide users through different aspects of mindfulness and meditation. Also, the application includes andbreathing exercises which teaches users how to use their breath consciously to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve rapport and concentration.

Finally, the Headspace app includes mindfulness practices for everyday situations such as walking, running and cooking, allowing users to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

Headspace Meditation and Dream
Headspace Meditation and Dream