Three key applications for Mac to work better

In an increasingly connected world, it is increasingly difficult to concentrate on doing your tasks on the Mac, due to work notifications, emails and the ease we have in accessing any web page on the Internet. Therefore, in this article, we analyze three applications that allow Increase concentration efficiently and productivity during the day.

Focus City

Focus City is an application designed exclusively for Mac which covers much more than time management and productivity, since it seeks at all times that the user is not distracted by different techniques that we are going to analyze below.

  • Pomodoro timer: Focus implements the Pomodoro technique, a time management method in 25 minute time slots, followed by short 5 minute breaks for a total of 4 pomodoros which gives you a 15 minute break.
  • Blocking of websites and applications: Along with the Pomodoro app, the app allows you to block specific websites and apps that may cause distractions during your work sessions, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp Web. By eliminating these distractions, you can keep your focus on the tasks that really matter.
  • Personalization: With Focus, you can set your own work and rest intervals, as well as create custom lists of websites and apps you want to block and the length of time you want to prevent them from being accessed. In addition, it allows you to know statistics through your monitoring, as well as your pomodoros achieved in the day, weeks and month.
Focus City - Pomodoro Timer
Focus City - Pomodoro Timer

Timelime – Time Tracking


Timeline is a time tracking app for macOS that is designed with the goal of letting you know how much time do you spend in differences applications and know your distraction capacity. Let’s analyze some of its features:

  • Data display: Timelime offers a graphic display of the time you spend on each task or exercise, which allows you to see at a glance how you are distributing your time in hours, days or weeks, in order to know the productive time and the time you have dedicated to social networks or off the task at hand.
  • Notifications and reminders: The Mac app allows you to set reminders to start or stop the timer, as well as tell you how long you’ve been consuming on social networks in a morning or day.
  • Synchronization between devices: One of the best functions of this application is that it allows you to synchronize your data with the Mac and the iPad, which allows you to have greater control of your time, of your daily productivity.
Timelime - Time Tracking
Timelime - Time Tracking

Time Out – Break Reminders


It is a Mac app that aims to be able to organize your time much more efficiently and productively by determining intervals rest while you work. Next we are going to analyze some features of this tool:

  • Customizable break reminders: Unlike the classic 25-minute pomodoros, Time Out allows you to set breaks based on how your way of working works best. For example, 10 minutes every hour or micro breaks of 6 minutes every 40 minutes of work.
  • Rest control: if you are in a fairly good moment of concentration you can postpone or skip the break. You can also set Time Out so that breaks cannot be skipped or postponed after a certain amount of time.
  • Activities during breaks: One of the coolest features is that Time Out can show you a visual theme or play a sound during breaks so you can relax and get back to work with a full battery. Additionally, you can set custom actions to be executed at the start or end of this.