Three little-known alternatives to Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the Cupertino application for getting around, and the natural alternative to Google Maps. However, all Apple users are aware that, despite having made a leap forward in recent years, it is not up to the main references in the sector. Therefore, in this post we are going to mention three alternatives to Apple Maps, which are little known and work really well.

here we go

It is a maps and navigation app Developed by Here Technologies, formerly known as Nokia Maps and later Here Maps. some of his characteristics are the following:

  • Navigation in real time: HERE WeGo offers real-time navigation for driving, transit, walking and biking. The app provides turn-by-turn directions and real-time updates on traffic and route conditions to help users reach their destination efficiently and predict arrival time. In addition, the app provides information on sudden changes in traffic, including accidents.
  • Offline maps: The application allows you to download maps of cities and entire countries for use without an Internet connection. This is especially useful for travelers and those in areas with limited connectivity or who have low battery and need to navigate to a certain point.
  • Public transport information: HERE WeGo includes public transport schedules and routes for many cities around the world. The app offers navigation instructions and arrival time estimates to help users plan their journeys on public transport.
HERE WeGo Maps and Navigation
HERE WeGo Maps and Navigation

mapbox navigation


This application of maps and geolocation offers a huge number of development tools for creating custom maps and geolocation applications. However, it has its navigation application called mapbox navigation Let’s meet some characteristics:

  • Navigation in real time: Mapbox Navigation offers real-time navigation directions for driving, walking, and biking, with information about the route, distance, traffic, and estimated time of arrival.
  • Traffic information in real time: The application provides updated information on traffic conditions, which allows users to know and avoid possible congestion, accidents or obstructions on the route.
  • Personalization: We’ve already covered the features Mapbox navigation is known for its customizability, allowing developers to adjust the appearance of maps and add additional data layers based on each user’s specific needs.
Mapbox Studio Preview
Mapbox Studio Preview



Waze is an application of GPS traffic in time real that is based on the cooperation on the part of the users to provide updated and precise information on the conditions and the situation of the roads. This application, owned by Google Maps, continues to function as an independent entity, maintaining its focus social and collaborative. Next, we are going to analyze their characteristics:

  • Navigation and traffic in real time: Waze offers updated GPS navigation, as well as information on the situation of the roads, for example if there are traffic accidents as well as if the road is under construction.
  • Speed ​​Alerts: Waze displays current speed limits and alerts users when they exceed the speed limit, avoiding fines for such excess. The application also shows the location of radars and speed cameras, as reported by other users.
  • Fuel price reports: Users can search for nearby gas stations and see fuel prices updated by the community.
  • Alert from State Security Forces and Corps: Police alerts and controls are displayed.
Waze Navigation and Traffic
Waze Navigation and Traffic