TikTok is starting to look like Apple

TikTok, the Chinese company that became very popular during the covid-19 pandemic and that has not stopped growing today, has received numerous criticisms for violating the privacy and security rights of its users. For this, progressively, it has been making security and privacy updates in order to remove that insecure brand slogan In this post, we see the company’s latest movements and how it seeks to resemble Apple in terms of security and privacy.

TikTok and its new API

TikTok, the Chinese giant’s social network, does not stop growing and gaining popularity among the new generations that access its first terminals, where security and privacy is non-existent in many areas. The company, in its attempt to improve the opinion of its app, has publicly launched a new API for researchers like part, according to the company’s own words, of its “continued commitment to transparency and accountability”.

Its testing began in 2022 and with the help of members of its “Content and Security Advisory Councils.” Now, this API is being expanded by making the data available for researchers affiliated with non-profit academic institutions to analyze in the US and later moving to Europe for similar purposes.

Once the analysis of these institutions has been obtained and the requirements demanded by both institutions, the data collected by the new social network must be of interest. public, where data such as user profiles, comments, likes and favorites have to be offered with which scientists allow them to obtain an alternative source of information to the knowledge of the younger generations. The concealment of these data prevented the possibility of being able to counteract the existing data on it.

TikTok and privacy

Before launching the new API, TikTok, launched several months ago new features to improve the privacy of its users with the aim of being able to configure them to decide who can interact with your content and information.


To access the privacy settingsyou have to go to the profile section and click on the button options. Once inside, click on the button with the three points that is located in the upper right corner of the screen. When you click on it, you will enter the Privacy menu and settings.Next, click on the Privacy Settings option that you will see in the second place in the list of options. Among the present options, aspects such as who can post comments, react to your videos, make a duet with you, send messages, allow you to download and watch the videos that you have liked stand out.


From the writing team of La Manzana Mordida and as Apple fans, we believe that it is the privacy and security of users is essential, since it is a fundamental and intrinsic right of the human being. Tiktok, like the Meta conglomerate, must take steps towards security, which they so want to have and that Apple, on its devices, has been carrying out for years.

Leave us in the comments if you think that Tiktok will one day be a company where security and privacy is an emblem.