The TikTok social network has become a real success at all levels. Many governments are beginning to understand this application as a potential source of partisan benefits and that is why many want to start controlling what content and how it is distributed over the network. Nevertheless, TikTok is going in the other direction and keeps expanding more and more with better features improving usability of the application to try to attract more users. In fact, just announced that they activate the possibility of opening the inboxes to be able to receive messages from any user of the social network, one more step to expand a social network beyond videos.

Now any TikTok user can send you a direct message (if you want)

According to The Information, from now on users they will be able to decide whether or not to open their inbox to be able to receive direct messages from any user of the social network. The function we are talking about is not new. It was activated in a small number of users last November and Today the activation of the function at a global level has been made official.

This movement goes against what TikTok was until now since you could only send direct messages to users you had as friends. and this movement it is nothing more than a TikTok approach to daily social networks to try to get users to start using the app for more than just sharing videos.